Why Should I Be Doing SEO?

I get asked this question a lot – Why should I be doing SEO? – It’s a big question with a very simple answer.

Of course, if you are after a quick solution to your marketing needs then you should definitely be paying for PPC Services because for sure, this will give you immediate traffic. If done correctly it will be done using the right keywords directed pointing to the right pages and will convert if your proposition is compelling enough.


If you are selling Plastering Services for example and you work in Rotherham – then you will be using Location Targeting in Adwords. You will also be looking at Bing and Facebook advertising to get the message across to your local area.

Consider the following statistics:

Search Provides 28-29% of clicks to the average UK website.

Organic Search is around 90% of all clicks

Paid Search is around 6% of all clicks

Social provides between 5 and 6% of all visits

Why Should I Be Doing SEO

(Source Similarweb)

This means that way less than 10% of all site visits come from paid search! Of course a lot of websites rely on referrals from other places such as blogs, news sites, affiliates and other websites. Email marketing is especially effective, especially done correctly with targeted lists and offers. Youtube is the web’s second biggest search engine, are you on there?

In the illustration above you can see the stats for the clothing category which shows, very starkly, the difference between organic and paid search. This highlights the importance of getting your on-page content through SEO correctly configured.

Organic Visits are Free, notwithstanding the cost of SEO research and implementation. It may take longer to develop a properly constructed SEO Campaign, but when the results do start to flow, the benefits are huge:

Benefits Of SEO

  1. Low Cost Of Customer Acquisition

If you are paying for PPC you will know how expensive it can get. Frankly, whilst it is really important to do, it can get quit expensive. If you are in a competitive market; selling brands for example. You will find that other companies are already bidding on the keywords you need to be found for and at a rate that is very close to the maximum they want to spend.  You either have to outbid them or accept your slice of the cake.

  1. High Retention

Customers who found you in organic search have a specific need, they have searched you out. This is a specific search, a look-see from a searcher who wants this product or service and wants it now. That is a very powerful search and leads to a higher loyalty and retention. You are not one of the Ads showing at the top, you are there because customers voted you there with their clicks.

  1. Higher Conversion

As a result of them finding you as opposed to you targeting them through Ads, the conversion rate tends to be higher. Assuming of course everything is equal and your prices are competitive.

So when someone in your organisation asks “Why should I be doing SEO?” you have all of the answers to hand. SEO is a long term strategy that can take from six months to a year. It can seem expensive at first but the long term benefit of having an optimised website with a clear and uncluttered back link profile is huge.

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