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We don’t just build websites, we build sites specifically optimised for search. Whether it’s a company website or an eCommerce development you can be assured that we possess the expertise to create the most SEO optimised website you could possibly have.

As an SEO company building websites, you get the best of both worlds. Too often you can be presented with a site that is completely dead in Google. The reason is simple – the developer has done what he does best and that is to give you the best looking site. But why can’t you have a great looking site which is perfectly optimised for search as well? Well now you can because that is what we do.

One of our recent successful development was for Nicholas Price Associates a building surveyor based in North Wales. He wanted to rank for terms such as listed building surveys and related searches. he initially wanted to focus on the North West but now ranks nationwide for all of the most popular terms.

Website DevelopmentWeb Development

We are experts in developing WordPress websites. Our latest development is a Woocommerce store for Ampura Ltd, a retailer of legal CBD related supplements. The store is integrated with Paypal and has a full variant product display with drop downs for taste and concentration showing single variations on category pages. The store is fully integrated with Google shopping so that it can send its products there on a schedule to be updated on a daily basis. We don’t just build e-commerce sites, we build SEO Optimised e-Commerce sites which will outrank any other.

Every part of the process is optimised from site speed and accessibility to on page content and Meta. There is simply no better web development company in the North West building retail sites on WordPress who can match us. For this project, we designed everything as well from the logo right through to the wireframes, colours and even the product mockups. If you are looking for a Manchester woocommerce web developer, look no further.

Website Design

Website Accessibility

We are experts in providing accessible websites. This covers a wide range of disabilities including partially sited access and plugins for the deaf and hard of hearing. By using Amazon Polly on Ampura we were able to provide a spoken word version of their blog posts. Other plugins can be used to make text larger and easier to read as well as changing font and colour to suit.  Text-to-speak access allows the user to highlight a passage of text and hear the audio version.

Google Shopping Integration

We can set up a product feed which will run right into Google Merchant Centre so that you can run shopping ads in your Google Ads PPC account. The feed can be updated hourly so that products and in stock options are kept up to date. If you run a sale we can update sale prices on your website and they are updated in Google shopping automatically.

Amazon integration for Woocommerce Websites

Is your web store on Amazon? If you have the right products at the right prices then why not list them where the people are, on Amazon Marketplaces. We can link your woocommerce website to Amazon so that products are listed, orders taken and stock kept in sync. It’s not just the UK either, we can link your store to any of the 7 Amazon marketplaces.

Ebay Integration for Woocommerce Websites

Want to sell on Ebay? No problem. We will link your retail site to your Ebay account. Products can be listed right from your WordPress dashboard. You will be able to sync stock and track orders.

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Website Design

What we do when we build your new website:

1. Focus in Design – We design the hierarchy of the site first, making sure that there that there is a clear and concise menu structure. This starts at the home page and descends through categories and if necessary, sub-categories. If it is a online retailer site then this will end end products.  Each page is designed from the bottom up. Visually appealing display units, image driven with appropriate text blocks.

2. Focus on Ranking – Each page whether it’s a corporate site or full eCommerce development needs to have a reason to be there and a proper focus keyword or a group of them which are contextually similar. We build pages to rank!

If you would like us to quote you for building the next generation, SEO optimised website then contact us today!

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