The Diamond Package

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Content Marketing Lead Generation Pay Per Click Search Engine Optimisation

The Diamond Package Explained

It All Starts At The Top!

The Diamond Package of our marketing machine all starts with optimising your website for search. This ensures that you have the best chance of achieving top organic positions for the written content. You will need to check out our SEO page to discover fully how this process works. It relies on unique pages being written using keyword research. Unique Meta tags and descriptions have to be inserted into every page along with suitable images. More on SEO here.

Add On – Our Ultimate PPC Package

After everything has been done to rank your site organically, we add on our Google, Facebook & Bing advertising services. This involves setting you up with conversion tracking for both networks, adding merchant centre if you sell physical products,  then setting up your account and campaigns using thorough keyword research to target your ads. Negative keywords are just as important as positive ones. We set up your ads and ad extensions, which can range from simple call-outs to services and even forms. More on PPC here.

Add On  – Lead Gen

We add on this to literally supercharge your marketing. Qualified leads with high intent are delivered through our mail servers right to your inbox. All you need to do is to follow them up by letter, email or phone – the most effective ways you need to accelerate the marketing of your business. More on Lead Generation here.

Add On – Content Marketing

From ‘massaging existing content to improve organic positions through to full scale ‘skyscraper content’ – designed to beat any page ranking already for your chosen keywords, we can supercharge your rankings through continually improving content. This will include pages but also blog posts – designed to rank for particular terms which sit outside of the main money pages. Read more on Content Marketing here.