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If you are looking for SEO training in Manchester or Cheshire then you have come to the right place. Nigel Carr has spent 20 years working on the internet from operating online stores, through pay per click and other digital marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimisation should be at the core of every website build but sadly it isn’t. Nearly every website we are asked to look at has serious problems. In fact, we would estimate that more than 95% of sites have not been optimised for search engines.

Nigel’s recent talk at Tech Manchester!SEO Training

We run very successful SEO campaigns to get sites ranked but why shouldn’t you, as a business owner or marketer learn these skills too? Carousel Projects SEO is second to none. Easy to understand and conducted by our boss Nigel Carr in his warm, friendly and easy to understand manner. He won’t stand in front of you and drone on asking you to write stuff down – this is a full-on, immersive SEO training course which will have you laughing and learning along the way! (Some say if he moves his arms around much more he’ll take off!)

From technical SEO training to on-page requirements from writing the perfect meta title to copywriting and beyond – you will learn from a true professional! If your requirements are outside of the Manchester/Cheshire area then just give us a shout.

Full-Day SEO Training – £1000+Vat

What You Will Learn:

  1. Why SEO is so Important

  2. Ranking Factors In 2019

  3. Practical Ways to Improve Site Ranking

  1. Introduction
  • How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?
  • Ranking Factors for 2019
  • Common Misconceptions & Mistakes
  • SEO Tools
  • Indexing/Sitemaps
  1. On-Page SEO
  • Site Speed & Accessibility
  • Trust & Security
  • Site Structure/Domains/URLs
  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • Meta/Schema/Social Tagging
  • One Page – One Theme/Duplication/Cannibalisation
  1. Off-Page SEO
  • Link building
  • Citations/NAPS/Verticals
  • Blogging/Amplification
  • Guest Blogging
  • Social Media/News/PR
  1. Images/Video
  • Size
  • File Name
  • Alt Text
  • Video hosting & transcription
  • Linking & Anchors
  1. Reporting
  • Google Analytics
  • Position Tracking
  • Keyword Volume
  • Analytics
  • SEO Audits
  1. Advanced
  • Compression & Caching
  • Internal Linking
  • External Linking & Anchor Text
  • Rich Snippets
  • Redirection

Q & A Throughout.

To book a session please fill in the form on the right or call us on 0161 941 2800.