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We are proud of our Altrincham connections. Nigel was brought up in the town going to the local Grammar school and working in the family business before choosing a career in retail, fashion and buying. Altrincham has a rich history of business going right back to the 18th century when the extension to the Bridgewater Canal was built. We continue that tradition with our cutting edge Altrincham SEO services.

Altrincham Search Engine Optimisation

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation company in Altrincham specialising in eCommerce websites. We have over 20 years working on the internet so can offer the depth of experience you would expect. This will include a proper partner who understands your business. You will get the best Google-friendly SEO Altrincham has to offer. We can assign an SEO Manager to help you reach that coveted first page on Google. We are specialists in e-commerce SEO so if have an online store and it is doing badly then let us take a look! Through a deep understanding of keyword research, user intent and how Google’s algorithms work through AI and Rankbrain we can create perfectly optimised pages for your business. We don’t stop until the job is done, from the initial site audit, through technical fixes and upgrades to the actual on-page content, both written, images & video, and finally backlinks analysis and enhancement. SEO is in our blood – we understand it inside out and have many success stories we can share with you!

Pay Per Click Altrincham

  • PPC – Professional Pay Per Click using all of our experience to give you the most conversions and the lowest price. Working on Google, Bing and of course Facebook Ads, we can tailor your campaigns to fit your budget. By far the quickest way to generate business while your SEO kicks in. We offer the finest PPC Altrincham has to offer on a CPC (Cost per click), CPA Cost per acquisition) or CPM (Cost per thousand impressions) basis. We set up your campaigns, ad groups, ads and extensions, then monitor on a monthly basis for a fixed fee. No commission based on sales, just honest and transparent charging which you will love.
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing encompasses all elements of digital marketing for your business. Built to attract visitors to your website which naturally should result in conversions. The science of SEO, PPC, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) and research, all wrapped up in an easy to understand monthly package.

Altrincham Lead Generation

  • Facebook Lead Gen – A relatively new area, this involves prospecting for new clients by using Facebook’s enormous database of users, their geographic, democratic and interest information. We can also bring previous users back to your website! bringing visitors back to your website. We do this by placing tracking information on your site which is then matched to users activity on Facebook. We have achieved an ROI in excess of 1000% using this method! Speak to us today and ask us how!

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Website Development

We don’t just create websites, we create amazing websites which are perfectly optimised for SEO! Normally a developer will give you a cost for a basic website. This will include the ‘wireframe’ which is the layout, how the site looks on the page. The content, including the text written on every page and the images, is down to you. Many companies will add SEO as a service but how good are they? We are an Altrincham SEO company which builds websites, not a web developer offering SEO as an afterthought. Those companies often pass the SEO onto people like us. You just don’t know it! Normal developers are website development companies which offer SEO, often as an afterthought, or as a ‘service’. That’s not us. It is never your website which ranks – it is the SEO which you apply to it!

Our sites are designed with SEO in mind from the very beginning which includes:

    • Site architecture – how the site is structured from home page through category and sub-category pages, right down to products if you have them. Take a look at a typical site hierarchy for a retailer here. It shows how the website is structured from the homepage down to the products. All of this has to be carefully thought out. Consider the categories as silos, under which all sub-categories are carefully slotted. The category represents a single theme as does each of the sub-cats and products so there is no overlap, no duplication.
    • Meta Data – We name an describe every page using keyword research to define the Meta title of a page and then adding its Meta Description so each page is unique and conveys the page meaning to Google. Matching the page to searcher intent is one of the biggest factors in modern search engine optimisation.
    • Site Content – We work with you to create the site content for every page of your site. Each page needs to justify its existence so unless we can write 300 or so words for the reader to properly understand the page we may merge it with a page which is more relevant. Even the humble ‘about us’ page is ripe for content. The trick here is not to duplicate any content across multiple pages.
    • Images – We use images to help convey the theme of every page. From large ‘hero’ images at the top of the page to additional photos or graphics to enhance the content. each image must be described properly to help enhance the SEO efforts on the page.
    • Video – Video is great for SEO because it increases the dwell time of the page, that is the amount of time that visitors remain engaged with the content.

Our website development service is built on the perfect foundation of Search Engine Optimisation. You simply won’t find a better company to build your new website. From site architecture and hierarchy to content and images. No one knows more how to get a site built and ranking than we do.

Sitting on the outskirts of South Manchester, our town of Altrincham has a long history dating back to Neolithic times. In fact, a Roman road used to run through the Broadheath area which originally extended all the way from Manchester to Chester. During the recent relief road work out of Bowdon, they found all kinds of ancient artefacts dating as far back as Anglo Saxon times, so the area has a very long history indeed! The town itself was created by royal charter in 1290 and has been an important Northen market town ever since. Altrincham encompasses the villages of Hale, Hale Barns, Bowdon, Timperley and borders on to the quaint village of Dunham Massey with its beautiful park within its borders. Our company was established in Altrincham and we remain firm supporters of the town along with our sister company M56 Media Ltd which own Hale & Altrincham Life, an online magazine and social enterprise.

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