Who Are We?

Carousel Projects is a Search Engine Optimisation expert agency based in Cheshire. With over 20 years working in SEO we know our stuff – from highly specialised forensic technical SEO through, keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO to professional copywriting. If you have a problem and your site is not ranking then we know what to do to!

What Is SEO?

95% of websites are not optimised for search engines. They may look great but they simply don’t rank well in the ‘organic’ or natural results. Pay per click is a great way of getting immediate results but there is a cost. Good SEO will achieve higher natural search results and those clicks are free!

Both tools are essential in driving traffic to your website!

The first thing we do is carry out an SEO Audit which is a full technical analysis of your website. This is an in-depth report which covers everything from site speed and accessibility through content issues like duplication, to Social Media integration and blogging. It’s a detailed report analysing every element of the website, written in a way that the layman can understand. It forms the basis of all the work required to get the website site ranking!

We then liaise with yours or our Website Developers to get the job done! Many clients then retain Carousel Projects as their go-to SEO partners.

What makes us unique is the passion to stay at the forefront of developments in SEO. Search engines change the way they rank websites all the time. It is vital to keep on top of things so we research the current changes and updates relentlessly.

If you would like to find out more and how you can work with the best give us a call on 0161 941 2800 or use the contact form on this page!

The Deep Dive!

We are Not Like Other SEO Companies

Carousel Projects offers you a comprehensive service which includes analysing the deep structures of your website. In our previous businesses online we worked with many SEO companies, but none of could deliver the high-quality service we needed. We solved that by learning SEO from the ground up. We give you the highest possible level of search engine optimisation available.

10 Levels of Research

  • SEO Audit your site and report on the major issues
  • Analyse site speed & accessibility
  • Analyse site structure from the homepage through to sub-categories, products and services.
  • URL structure creating the optimum page URLs for your type of business.
  • Drive out duplicate content and meta so that your site is clean and professional.
  • Keyword analysis and phrases linked to each page of your site – maintaining one theme/one page.
  • Grouping pages together for Google which are serving the same purpose.
  • Content creation.
  • Internal link building to strengthen the relationships between your pages.
  • Local SEO including citations and NAPS (Name/Address/Phone)
  • Advise on external link building, what and where to avoid and anchor texts.

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Our service is based on years of experience and study into the often murky world of SEO. Carousel Projects will show you that it is not all mumbo jumbo or inhabited by sharks. We want to show you how to make your pages the best they can possibly be. We want to show you why we offer the most professional Search Engine Optimisation Manchester has to offer.

What Does A Typical SEO Audit Cover?

Our SEO Audits leave no stone unturned. If you would like to book one then give us a call or fill in the form on this page. We cover (This is not exhaustive and there may be other site elements which need attention)

Site Speed, Page Load and Accessibility
Website Size & Pages In Google/Sitemaps
Spurious Pages Indexed/Attachments
Site Structure/Information Architecture/Hierarchy/Sub-Domains/Cats/Sub-Cats & URLs
Tags/Categories/Author Pages/Portfolios/Testimonials
On-Page Duplication/Cannibalisation
Off-Page Duplication/Micro Sites & Associated Blogs
Meta – Title/Description
Geotargeting Meta
Page Content/Relevancy/Keyword Stuffing/Contextuality/Headers
Backlink Audit/Toxicity
Trust Score/Domain Authority
Social Tagging
Schema/New featured snippet Meta
Blog posting and amplification NAPS/ Citations
Google My Business (GMB) Review
Opportunities for expanded content/City Pages
Current Rankings/No. Keyword Rankings
Competitor analysis/No. Keywords Ranking
Rich Snippets/Local Pack

So what are you waiting for? give us a call, contact us!

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Measurable Results

SEO is a longer-term process which can take up to six months to see the full results. We started working with this client at the beginning of February, and by the middle of  March we started to see results. This graph is from Google analytics and by the end of July, the website was regularly seeing a 100% increase in organic traffic. This traffic was separate from the paid traffic which we also handled for the client:

Organic Growth Chart - Google Analytics - Carousel Projects

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