Case Study - Firma Stella Sports Memorabilia

Firma Stella LogoFirma Stella is a Sports Memorabilia company based in Hartlebury, a village and civil parish in the Wychavon district of Worcestershire. Its owner Peter Johnson came to Carousel Projects in late 2018, £10,000 in debt but with big ambitions. At the time the website had virtually no organic traffic, but has listed part of the catalogue on eBay, so was producing a nominal turnover.

The challenge was that despite having a reasonably decent website, there was no content – so SEO – no strategy to take the business where Peter’s vision placed it – to be the Number One Memorabilia Website in The World! This is the Firma Stella story!

I went from being £10k in debt to a millionaire at 30 who rubs shoulders with Ronaldo and Messi – here’s how I did it!

Peter Johnson - Firma Stella - Millionaire Entrepreneur at 30

Peter Johnson on LinkedIn

“To all of those who have helped me along the way over the last 20 years, from the person who told me where the Australia Cricket team were training to my marketing manager for getting our amazing product on show to the World – Thank you. I love you all.”

“The Marketing Man! You were there, 4 years ago when l was £10,000 in debt! I owe you the thank you for putting our products out to the World. Thank you”

Peter Johnson is CEO of online sports memorabilia company Firma Stella

Peter Johnson came to us in 2018. He was £10,000 in debt and had a website selling sports memorabilia that had virtually no turnover and didn’t rank. Five years later he runs the number one ranked sports memorabilia website in the world according to Trustpilot, and has £1,000,000 in the bank!

What We Did

Peter knew that his site didn’t rank and he needed SEO experts to work on it. We immediately set to work on an SEO Audit which gave us all the information we needed to put a programme of work in place. The website was redeveloped from top to bottom with a full optimisation overhaul. Every single page was rewritten with all ranking elements put in place. The site is now the number 1 in the world according to Trustpilot and ranks highly for all the important keywords which bring organic traffic to his website. Peter also hit the news!

See Article in The Sun: Peter JohnsonIn Debt To Millionaire

While we worked on the site’s SEO we set up a full package of pay per click through Google Ads, Bing and later Facebook Ads. All of these platforms brought paying traffic to the site and the business started to flourish. Things started to accelerate in 2020 despite the  pandemic. With people sitting at home, online grew rapidly and Peter started to ride a huge wave of success, massively increasing the number of products on his website with gigantic leap in turnover. By 2022 Firma Stella had moved in to new premises in Worcester with a purpose build warehouse and offices, to house the burgeoning business. A talented and driven entrepreneur, Peter continues to drive the business forward with his world domination approach to business!

Firma Stella Results 2023 vs 2018



Organics Visits


Keywords Ranking

160 to 7500


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