Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC)

We offer the most professional (PPC) Pay Per Click there is through many years of experience on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

We manage your campaign and never take our eyes off the ball, continually refining the Campaigns and Ad Groups so that they match the structural content of your website perfectly. We won’t just set up basic campaigns and leave them to look after themselves. We constantly look at how we can generate more turnover, engagements or enquiries for your company while keeping the Cost Per Click low.

PPC Services

Carousel Projects is a PPC agency which we established because we could not find any PPC companies competent enough to handle our own retail PPC campaigns. Having fired all of them we decided to start our own company. You will encounter many companies offering PPC and they will take you money in huge setup fees and management charges without delivering what you need from them. In most cases -sales. We do not over complicate campaigns – we keep them simple and transparent delivering results for you! We are PPC experts and do not just offer these services as an add-on to website development – we do the work ourselves, we do not outsource to other PPC agencies!

Get a £400 Google Ads Voucher when you sign up with us! 

Google Ads Voucher
What Our PPC Company Does:

Google Ads

  • Set up your Google Ads and Analytics accounts.
  • Set up your campaigns taking the structure and content of your website as a template.
  • Carry out extensive keyword analysis on your chosen niche using your input to guide us.
  • Set up responsive ad text ads that match your criteria, including site links, call out and phone extensions.
  • Set up display ads that match your goals and ambitions.
  • Set up and import your Merchant Feed into merchant centre.
  • Set up performance max shopping ads so that your products appear at the top of results.
  • Set up additional assets – sitelinks, images, promotions, call outs, rich snippets
  • Set budgets that you can work with varying them at different times of the year and season depending on your company’s seasonality.
  • Set up tracking with your developer and reporting so you can see which campaigns are working for you.
  • Set up audiences and remarketing to keep your customers coming back.
  • Manage your PPC expectations on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • Keep on top of new developments – smart campaigns, smart bidding, performance max and enhanced conversions.

We perform the same function across Bing Ads.

Google Ads - PPC - Carousel Projects
Bing Ads - PPC - Carousel Projects

What does it cost?

Our typical charges are tailored to you and the complexity of the campaigns that we manage. The typical charges for an online retailer are:

Google Adwords £500/month
Bing Ads £350/month
Facebook Ads £750/month

There is no additional % charge per network spend like you may find with other agencies so what you see is what you pay. There is no set up charge if you sign up for a minimum of six months. Under this there is an equivalent set up charge equal to one month.

If you are looking for a PPC company in Manchester, Cheshire or the North West then why not give us a try – we won’t tie you up in year-long contracts either!

Contact us and we’ll show you some of the best, most cost-effective PPC in the Manchester area!


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