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Carousel Projects offers a highly professional Facebook Lead Generation solution. We use the social network to drop Leads right into your email inbox!

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation involves targeting groups of individuals on Facebook either by how they have interacted with your website or through the encrypted data which Facebook holds on the users of the platform.  For example, if you own a website selling Art, then by using a tracking pixel placed on your website Facebook is able to track your activity on the site.  It will know which pages a user looked at and any activity which led to a conversion. It will even know what products which were bought and at what price. This is a basic form of retargeting which we go into in much more detail below. With people already having been on your website, they have partly engaged with your company already. It is then up the magic of retargeting to bring them back to the website.

The magic happens with pure lead generation where a user has not interacted with the site before. We can target users based on their interests and encourage them to fill in a form directly on Facebook.


Bringing users back to your website

Companies who have had their website optimised for traffic through SEO will know that those organic visitors are free, but what happens when they have gone? Those who use Pay Per Click can also bring highly targeted traffic to their websites using keywords and ads. Did you know that the average bounce rate on a website is in excess of 60%? Why not retarget them using Facebook retargeting?.

Watch How Facebook Advertising Works


Using Geographic, Demographic, Likes & Interests To Find New Clients

Sound a little like panning for gold?

Well, that’s exactly how it works but instead of using a pan to randomly sift through piles of what is hopefully ‘pay dirt’ we target potential customers through Facebook. They know your customers like no other part of society! With nearly 2 billion members they know their sex, their age, where they live, shop, eat, drink; what their likes and dislikes are. In fact, think of all your activity on Facebook, your check-ins and other social activities, we can target pretty much everything! Are you a Man United fan? We can target you to sell you Man U shirts. Do you like sushi? We can target you with local Japanese restaurants. Now imagine being a company looking for leads!

The whole process is one giant lead magnet – we produce lead marketing campaigns on Facebook with a Lead Forms built-in and deliver qualified, high intent leads right into your email inbox or CRM. Once set up, we refine and manage your campaigns adding in lookalike audiences and other likes and interests dependent on your ‘avatar’ or ideal customer. Facebook learns from those who have converted so the process gets better every time. This form of social media marketing is at the cutting edge of online marketing today. If you are not engaging in this form of inflictive marketing (Oh yes! it causes damage to your competition!) then you are missing out big style!

One of our clients is achieving over 2500% return on investment! (ROI)

If you would like to find out more and how you can work with the best give us a call on 0161 941 2800 or use the contact form on this page!

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