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The first thing to understand about the people behind Carousel Projects is that we are writers. We understand content marketing inside out. When it comes to writing, there are those who understand SEO and those that don’t. Anyone can scrawl some text across a page but it takes many years of study to know the difference between that, most basic form, and that which will rank a page. You don’t just have to be a great writer, you need to be a brilliant writer with training in how to write in the best possible way to get your page into search engines. This is where we come in! Our copywriting services are second to none.

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Much of this is dealt with within our SEO page where we explain that great content, well written will rank, but think about this further. Have you pages which you just can’t rank? Then speak with us. It may just be that the page needs massaging a little to increase or reduce the frequency of target keywords. It may be that it needs rewriting altogether. We can do whatever it takes to get that page higher up in Google. It may be that it needs so real skyscraper content writing – a category killer than beats any other page out there. If that’s what is needed that is what we will do. we don’t stop until your page is up there.


A blog is an essential part of any site’s toolkit. Where is yours? Are you engaging with your clients? Let us help. We produce the most elaborate blog posts on any subject we are given. We are writers – we research and research until we have all of the information available, then produce the chunkiest of blog posts designed to rank!

If you would like to find out more and how you can work with the best give us a call on 0161 941 2800 or use the contact form on this page!

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